J.B. Wolf


Synopsis of Intent

I have different copyrights for each story, but compared to the current copyright, patent, and trademark laws, it's actually pretty simple. Ready?

Additional Notes:

So help me, if I ever find you illegitimately selling one of my scripts or a DVD with one of my scripts acted out, I will make a wall of shame and put you on my website. If you try to sue me or sue anyone who legitimately produces my scripts or force people to pull their legitimate creations off the Internet, I will personally send my army of baboons after you. If you send me nasty-grams, be aware that you're giving up all rights to your words when you contact me. Those who enjoy my scripts can always use a new laugh and I'll have no shame publishing your words. (Don't worry. I'll give you credit where credit is due.)

Legitimate, good questions are welcome and I'll add clarifying information to this website as needed.