J.B. Wolf


History of the Script

In 2008, I unsuccessfully tried to ignore the politics that were being screamed to the American population. Not only were reminders on television, but the age of news on the Internet was in full swing. Between my bouts of political nausea, I noticed that the new presidential candidates were having their debates. I couldn't miss the near constant stream of evaluations by the media that hung on the every word of the candidates. The media wasn't the only thing screaming either. The anti-Republicans and anti-Democrats were out in full force too. In short, it was uglier than the back end of a baboon. (Actually, I'd rather contemplate a platoon of baboon asses than focus on politics.) Alas, I care too much for our country and deem it necessary to know something about these baboons... er, candidates. (Sorry, baboons.) So, I read about them and contemplated the sad choices before me.

As too frequently happens with story ideas, I woke up one morning and my head was buzzing with unfiltered ideas. When that happens, I have no choice but to jot them down or I'll lose them forever. An hour or two later, I was satisfied that the raw ideas were all written down. By the time I could get together with people who could appreciate the ideas, the 2008 debates were over and it didn't seem to be socially acceptable to talk about a political idea when people were exhausted from hearing about politics. The conversations never came up and the idea sat safely saved within my computer.

In 2012, as the most of the Republican candidates began to drop out and Romney was looking to be the Republican choice, I looked at the notes I jotted down and thought, "Hey. This is pretty funny." Even though I thought "What's there not to like?", I had to put it to a real test so I discussed it with a few of my closer friends who actually laughed at the idea as well. One of my friends said, "If you ever write this, I know some people who I might actually want to record it." Yeah, whatever. My idea isn't that good. As if I had time to write a farce anyway.

Around the time the first debate was on TV, I got together with another good friend of mine and told him about my idea. He challenged me to write it. I told him I didn't have time. Then I went to bed. I woke up the next morning and my head was overflowing with ideas. It happened to be Sunday and I happened to have an hour here and there to write as my wife and I worked through our weekend chores. Somehow, and I'm not sure how, 70% to 80% of it was written on that Sunday. Sure, it was really rough in a lot of areas, but the heart and soul was there. A few days later, I gave it back to the friend who had challenged me to finish it. By the time Obama had been re-elected, 98% of what you read now existed.

At the end of November 2012, I held a script in my hands that no one would want to read until sometime in 2016. By that time, who knows what the political landscape will look like? I can only hope I don't pull an Onion where the absurd becomes fact. Well, to make a prophesy, I actually have to post it, right?